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The Beaver Paddlers | Recreational Paddling | Paddling Beaver Dam River and Lake. Fun, camaraderie with kayaks or canoes. Rentals. Beautiful scenery along the river.



Beaver Paddlers, Inc. want to share the excitement of paddling the Beaver Dam River with you! The river levels are important to watch; if levels are too low one can easily be running on rocks, if levels are too high it can be a difficult and sometimes a dangerous trip. The City of Beaver Dam adjusts the flow rate through the dam on certain dates throughout the summer when the weather and lake level allow, which supports a better, safer paddling experience.

"Note: Beaver Paddlers, Inc. does not maintain waterways and they can be dangerous - paddle at your own risk."

Many paddlers feel that between 150 and 250 Cubic Feet Per Second (CFS) is ideal.



Beaver Paddlers, Inc. are fun-loving, paddling enthusiasts. We also pride ourselves on helping to keep our Beaver Dam River clean of debris and garbage. Let's all enjoy a fun, safe & clean paddle. We begin just below the dam across from Annabelle's Ice Cream Parlor (301 Front St, Beaver Dam, WI 53916) and end at Hwy. J, just South of Leipsic, WI 53916. The typical paddle trip is approximately 5.5 miles and takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours. It is just $10 to join our event, which helps Beaver Paddlers, Inc. host future events or for $10 there is typically a shuttle back to Annabelle's.



Beaver Paddlers, Inc. invite you to take a trip on the Beaver Dam River with us! Check out our Events Page to find upcoming paddle events. We've enjoyed having folks join us from communities in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Chicago areas.

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