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Beaver Paddlers, Inc. is a non-profit run by volunteers and a proud Paddle America Club of the American Canoe Association. Note that we do not maintain waterways and they can be dangerous-paddle at your own risk. We hope you enjoy the sport safel!

Beaver Paddlers, Inc. is run by volunteers to promote paddling sports and education in and around Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and a proud member of Paddle America Club of the American Canoe Association. Activities include disseminating information about river and lake paddle sports and providing insights into paddling techniques, issues, and safety. We provide information meant to help you identify opportunities for paddling fun and we look to bring together likeminded individuals with whom we can share our passion for paddling skill development.

NOTE - Please Stay Safe! We do not maintain rivers and lakes and they are not theme parks - canoeing and kayaking can be dangerous. Paddle at your own risk. At a minimum, we recommend that you attend lessons from a qualified professional and review safety information from other sources to learn how to safely paddle. Be aware of your surroundings including rocks, branches, weather, water levels and be prepared to self-rescue. Do not take chances.

We try to ensure that the information we share is accurate, but it may contain subjective opinions, errors and omissions. Neither Beaver Paddlers, Inc. nor its members, directors or agents are liable for property loss or damage, personal injury, or death that may result in any way from relying on this information, or from your accessing or paddling the waterways.

Beaver Paddlers, Inc. is a Wisconsin nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status

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